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Blog Tour Review: Birthday Wishes (The List #1) by Braxton Cole

Book Title:Birthday Wishes (The List, #1)
Author:Braxton Cole
Genre: Erotic Romance

Mari meets Luca on an adult website. She’s still smarting from a divorce and only looking to explore her desires. They create wish lists of their sexual fantasies and agree to work through them together. No strings, no attachments, nothing but pleasure, and Mari anticipates their first meeting with impatience. But through a miscommunication involving a private text message and Mari’s nosy brother, Luca ends up at her 30th birthday party, before their planned rendezvous. Much to her surprise, they seem to connect better than she expected, and in ways she hadn’t expected. He’s strong, commanding, but also gentle and respectful and he makes her ache in ways she never thought possible.

But when Luca later expresses a desire for something more than just casual sex, Mari's impulse is to run the other way. After all, her failed marriage is evidence that she really shouldn’t go much deeper. Can Luca convince Mari otherwise? Can he help her see that he's her ultimate birthday wish come true?

Birthday Wishes is Book 1 in The List Series is intended for an adult audience only and contains mature themes, including graphic and explicit sex.


Our Review:
3.5 Stars

What do you do when you are turning 30, you are not only single but divorced, and you haven’t had sex in what feels like forever? Well if you are Mari, you set up a meeting with the sexy booty call you met online.

Birthday Wishes introduces us to Mari, a strong independent business owner whose only problem is her need for sexual release and disinterest in the dating world. Though she does not want to place herself back into the world of dating her needs as a woman overpower her and she finds herself turning to the online world to find someone who is only looking for a sexual relationship and who will fulfill her sexual fantasies without the awkwardness of having to date.

She is on her way to her tryst when she is sidetracked with a surprise birthday party by her best friend and entire family. A twist of fate results in Luca her tall and absolutely gorgeous booty call coming to her party her thoughts race with what they could do (more like what he could do to her) then she is brought back to the present the picture she is seeing was never supposed to happen. Their relationship was supposed to be just sex and now here he stands surrounded by her family being questioned by her mother.  When they are finally able to leave they continue with their plans and she is rewarded with the most amazing sex of her life.

Mari and Luca continue their sexual relationship but things become complicated when the need for more than just sex is brought up. Can Mari handle dating again? Can she give up Luca? Or can she continue their arrangement knowing one wants more? Although Birthday Wishes progresses somewhat slowly and some of the plot seems a little familiar you will find yourself captivated with the relationship between Luca and Mari and just when you think they’re headed somewhere good you read the words THE END!!!!!  You are left with a need for more of them and a need to know more about our Luca. I am looking forward to reading more about their relationship, and more importantly more about Luca.  

Author Bio: 

Braxton Cole lives in the Pacific Northwest where she spends most of her time holed up in her office writing stories. When she's not writing, she can be found riding her bike, hiking the fabulous local trails, chasing her kids, or wishing that her thumb was a little more green. She has a bad habit of killing what she tries to grow, but hasn't given up hopes of one day being a successful urban farmer.

Braxton writes erotic romance because romance is the stuff that makes life great, and sex is fun. The two belong together, both in life and in fiction.
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Blog Tour: Learning to Live by R.D. Cole

R.D Cole Tour Banner 2


Being alive and living are not always the same.
Trudy Love is used to being on her own and has rarely been shown affection. Between growing up in foster care and her abusive boyfriend she has no idea what life can be. At 19 she goes through something no one should ever experience and is left alone once again. Six months later she moves to Mobile, Alabama where she meets someone whose eyes bring back memories of the one person she misses everyday. Too late she finds herself caught in a storm of emotions that are unwanted, but she's determined to fight them off.
Jaxon Coleman has a good life, and for him to attend one of the finest Med schools in the country and follow in his dad's foot steps is a dream come true. However, dreams can change in life and when he meets Trudy he knows his will never be the same. Jax knows she has secrets she is unwilling to share, but he's never given up on something he wants and he wants Tru.
Can Trudy stop resisting her feelings and welcome the chance to live a different life than she pictured or will her defiance and haunted past eventually take her out of Jax's reach?
After tragedy living is not easy, but with the right person it can be learned.

Available Now


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I watch as Jax gets up and when he returns he has every type of cream and sugar they offer. “I didn’t know what flavor you preferred or if you were into real or fake sugar.”
“Real. Definitely real.” I start dressing my coffee. “There’s nothing like the taste of coffee with real sugar. My tongue is able to tell the difference for some reason.” I can’t believe I just mentioned my tongue to Jax. My skin flushes, as I picture licking him with it. Calm down, Trudy. He’s just a good looking guy.
He clears his throat and sits there staring at me for a second. Finally he starts to talk. “How’s work going?”
I exhale with relief and relax. I thought he was going to ask me why I’m so flushed. “Good. I really like working there. Both Benji and Blaire are wonderful.” He growls and I don’t know why, but ignore it and continue. “Did you know they’re playing tomorrow night on stage? I can’t wait to hear them because everyone says they are phenomenal. I’ll be working the bar, so I’ll have to listen from the back, but’s a free show and in a way I’ll be getting paid to watch.” I’m rambling but he makes me nervous. My foot won’t stop moving under the table, and the table starts to shake. Please don’t notice. Please don’t notice.
“Is the table moving?” he asks with a smirk on his face. He bends down to look underneath, so I cross my legs and dig my nails into my palms to distract myself.
I’m relieved I had it under control while he was down there. “God, Trudy. Stop it.”
“Did you say something?” He pulls up and smiles. “What do you need to stop?”
Well shit! I might as well get this over with because I’m just making a fool out of myself. Plus, I keep digging this hole of humiliation deeper and deeper by the second. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. When I open them Jax is focusing on my mouth again. NOT HELPING! Okay, here goes nothing. 

Bonus Scene:
Hotel Room (Jax POV)
Seeing her tears kills me, but she claims she’s happy and gives me the most glorious smile. She is so beautiful that my heart is constantly tripping in my chest when she’s near me. I say a silent prayer of thanks and feel my blood start to heat up. How did I get so lucky to meet her? This tantalizing woman who is compassionate, funny, and so talented. And is mine. She makes me so fucking happy and I just want to continue to make her smile. Needing to touch her soft skin to reassure myself she’s real I walk over and stand against her back. Her warmth seeps through my clothes sets me on fire. Wrapping my arms around her tiny waist I nuzzle her neck and inhale her intoxicating smell. I already feel myself start to strain against my slacks. . “I’m glad because I’ve vowed to always make you happy the rest of your life.”
I feel her shaky breath against my chest and know she has something on her mind. I know this is different for her so I wait until she’s ready.  After a few seconds she speaks. “I love you, Jax. I want you to know that. It’s not easy for me to say, but I do. What you saw tonight with Benji, I think it was his way of letting go of the idea of him and me together.”
My ears and heart will never get tired of hearing her say those words. Knowing how difficult it is for her with her past full of disappointments, I squeeze her tighter never wanting to let go. “I love you too, Tru. I never thought I could feel so fucking much so soon, but I knew when I saw you that first day you were meant for me. So if there’s anything you need or want, please just ask. I want to make you happy and provide for you.” Turning her to face me I kiss her nose and can’t help but smack her firm ass trying to lighten the mood. “Now, I think we both need a bath.”
Leaving her to gather her things, I go and start the water in the large Jacuzzi tub. I see the candles and roses are all in place like I requested and can’t wait to see her reaction. Glancing over my shoulder I see her bending over searching her bag. Instantly hard, I decide just to forget clothes for the night and walk over to my girl. She squeals as I throw her over my shoulder before I feel her pinch my ass while giggling. I love that sound. “You think that’s funny? How’s this feel?” I smack her ass again but harder this time and hear the resounding echo in the tile bathroom. Placing her on her feet I back away and see her flushed cheeks and gorgeous smile again. Some of her hair has come loose and falls around her face. The laughter quickly leaves my body. I. Need. Her. Now.
Before I can walk her way to take what my body so desperately craves, I watch in amazement as her whole demeanor changes. Her eyes become heated and her shoulders straighten. Then she walks with pure sex appeal over to stand in front of the full length mirror that’s against the wall before she starts to undress. Holy Shit! My girl is about to dance for me.

Book Trailer

About the Author

7134270My name is Robin and I live in Grand Bay, Alabama. I grew up an army brat and traveled a lot until we finally settled down along the Gulf Coast when I was 4. My husband is 9 years younger so I guess that makes me a COUGAR.
I have a little girl who is 9 and is blind as well as autistic. My life is not boring with them two in it. Believe me. I have always loved creating and I would constantly draw on my walls. I love painting and reading. Writing is something I wanted to do but didn't think I could, until I woke up at three a.m. a few months back and started writing. Life has a way of throwing rocks at you and putting cracks in your soul. Either you can duck and cover or you can make something beautiful from the cracks.

After that, the story took over. Even though some pieces of my life experience are within it, it is Tru and Jax’s story now. I have truly fell in love with this story and hope you all do too.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Captured Series by Louise J


Title – If Only (Captured, #1)
Author – Louise J
Genre – Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date – December 16, 2012

What’s a girl to do when she meets a man who claims the heart that she’s already given to someone else? My boyfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted, he’s perfect, but when I met Joe ... I can’t even describe the intensity of my attraction to him. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Since then, it’s become something so much deeper and I’m finding it impossible to ignore what I feel for him. I know I’m already with the man I should be with, yet I want Joe. I can’t seem to get my head and my heart to agree on this. I’m not about to cheat and I won’t just drop the man I love. But what do I do about Joe?
Tattoos, bikes and women – that’s been my life for the last two years and it suited me just fine. Until the day I swerved to avoid a raggedy old VW Bug heading my way, hit the sidewalk, and ended up sprawled on my back. I came around to a pounding headache and the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t know if it was the effect she had on me, or the accident, but I somehow managed to let her go without exchanging information, more importantly numbers. Maybe it would’ve been better if things had stayed that way. Maybe then I wouldn’t be caught up in this dilemma. I should do what most guys would do and pursue her, regardless of her being in a relationship. Trust me, it’s tempting. The problem is, I’ve been on the receiving end of a situation similar to this, so I know the hurt I could cause and I don’t think I can do that. But I want Callie. I want her bad.

When Callie and Joe met, neither were prepared for the sequence of events that would follow, or the impact of the choices they would go on to make. 

If only is book one in the Captured series. Adult Contemporary Romance. This series is not intended for those below 18 years old due to graphic sexual content and use of language.
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Title – Release (Captured, #2)
Author – Louise J
Genre – Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date – July 23, 2013

I knew from the start that I should stay away from Dane, and I would have – if he’d stayed away from me. Astoundingly sexy with a consuming presence of unspoken command, he enthralls me to the point of almost being incapable of rational thoughts, almost being incapable of resisting him. My hands want to explore him. My tongue wants to taste him. My body begs to experience him. I crave him. Now he’s starting to intrude on a level that’s harder to fight. I know what he wants from me. I also know that Dane is not the type of man you expect to keep.

Things are never straightforward with women like Brooklyn. She’s not the kind whose bed you can slip out of and walk away from without ‘special connections’ or ‘emotions’ expected or offered. She’s the type of woman I prefer to keep my distance from, but like an undersexed, hormonal idiot, I still pursued her. I swear getting turned on by her is like getting turned on for the first time in my life. Now I have her in my grasp, but I know where this will lead. And I’m never the one that gets hurt in situations like this.

A woman who has barely put her broken-self back together and a man who turned his back on love a long time ago. When Dane and Brooklyn first met it appeared to be a simple case of lust between two opposites, but it was the beginning of an intense, emotional journey that would bring forth the pain they both attempted to leave in their pasts, and an encapsulation of feelings neither welcomed but were powerless to stop. Sometimes in life there is no choice but to take a risk.

*Release takes place in the months leading up to the end of If Only (book one in the Captured series), and includes major spoilers from Joe and Callie’s story.

*This book contains graphic sexual content.

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if Only Excerpt:


I twist my upper body around and watch him pull out some white latex gloves. Oh, shit. For some reason, it only just hits me.
He is going to see me topless.
Abruptly, I turn to the front and stare at Su, wide-eyed. Nick is the only man who has ever seen my tits. Ryan felt them, but he never saw them, so that doesn’t count. And he was my boyfriend at the time. Maybe the nerves of getting the piercings done stopped the recognition of this factor when I first learned this guy was doing them, but right now, with it so close to happening, that realization has my gut twisting.
I point to my breasts and mouth the words I just thought to Su. She winks at me and sort of grins to ease me, but it’s impossible for me to smile back. I need to distract myself. “I don’t know your name. You told me your brother’s, but not yours,” I say, looking, but not looking at the display of photos along the white wall in front of me. I can’t recall what I was told when I booked, my brain won’t work right. The silence in here feels thick, and that’s not helping matters.
“My name is Joe,” he says as he sits down on a chair to the right of me.
Joe. Now I remember. I always wondered what his name was after our almost collision. Joe. I like it.
He wheels himself closer, stopping in front of me. The height of the table puts me above him, so I have to lower my gaze if I want to make eye contact with him. That’s the last thing I want to do. This really wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t hot. Why couldn’t I get the older guy who booked me in? Or Adam? He’s cute, too, but I could deal with him.
“Okay. So you want a tattoo as well,” he states, sitting upright with his lightly-fisted hands resting on his thighs, the gloves clutched within his right hand. I wish I could be as relaxed as he is.
I nod, looking level with his perfectly sculpted cheekbones. “Yeah.”
“Do you have in mind what you want, or would you like to see some designs?” I don’t know how, but he’s able to stare me straight in the eyes. Su was right about him being nervous before, but he’s definitely, absolutely not now. Maybe he was a little embarrassed about the almost collision thing.
With effort, I return his gaze as best as I can. Oh, God. My heart starts to gallop, threatening to burst out of my chest.
Those rich coffee beans have been imprinted on my memory since I first saw them. Sitting this near to reality is almost debilitating. There’s a deep tenderness in his stare that warms me, but the intensity of his focus pushes it up to a searing heat. It’s overwhelming, it makes me want to look away, but … I can’t. The brown is so rich with no intrusion of other tones and that only enhances the impact.
I thought my memory of his face was an exaggeration, the exceptional features and planes combining masculinity and beauty, but it’s true and very real. The tone of his skin is closer to olive than fair and appears incredibly smooth. I have an urge to slowly run the tips of my fingers along the lines and contours of his features, medium-thick eyebrows; narrow nose; high, defined cheekbones; softly-chiseled jaw, and then make a sculpture of his head, made to the exact likeness, but I wouldn’t go there, even with my skill, which, bias or not, I credit to be at a high standard. Thinking of this man as hot is easy to conclude, but it’s understated. 

Joe is a powerful combination of man, beauty and sex.

Release excerpt:


As I pass the rear of the Volvo, one space away from my car, a smooth voice stops me in my tracks.
“Brooklyn,” is all he said.
He wasn’t calling me. He was simply saying my name, low and curious. Stupidly sexy, too, but let’s not get caught up in that detail.
I know who that voice belongs to. I recognize it from last night.
Correcting my stunned expression, I turn around. Everything sort of ... falls out of focus, becomes non-existent. When I stop, barely two feet away, I realize I’ve walked over to him. We’re standing at the boot of my car.  
Dane’s hazel eyes are lethally enticing. I can’t do anything but look into the golden brown of his irises, touched with flashes of varying shades of green. I don’t know what to say to him, and he isn’t speaking, he’s just standing there looking at me. I’d like to shrink and disappear.
“I’ve been warned not to talk to you,” I say just to give me something to say. I instantly feel guilty for being such a blabber mouth.
“Kayla told you that.”
Smoothest, sexiest voice I’ve ever heard, and so, so sure. He doesn’t seem to mind what I said. I owe my friend a big apology.
“Apparently, I’m too nice for you. Too nice a girl, that is. Not too good looking for you. Not your usual type.” Now I’m talking shit. My cheeks feel warm, too. Please, don’t let me be blushing.
Dane’s expression is unreadable, but he answers. “That might be true.”
He pauses for one long, powerful moment.
There’s something commanding about him. This is definitely a man who gets exactly what he wants, when he wants, without having to make much effort for it.
“Maybe you are too nice for me, but I’d really like you to be the one who decides that for yourself. You’ve been given a heads up. That gives you an advantage, right?”
Oh, he’s good. What do I say to that? I don’t know. I’m taken aback by his honesty and tempted at the same time.
Tempted by a man I have been firmly warned to stay away from.
Find your brain, Brooklyn, and say “Thanks, but no thanks.”
I still can’t speak.
His lips start to turn up at the corners, but his gaze remains intense.
I still don’t know what to say. It’s been about thirty seconds. Forty, maybe. Suddenly, I burst into laughter and slap my hand over my mouth to shut myself up. Typically in awkward situations, or at times when it’s most inappropriate, I laugh. I hate it, but I can’t help it.
“I’m sorry,” I say, trying to pull back my outburst. “It’s not you, it’s me. I mean, I’m not laughing at you. I really don’t know what to say to you.”  
He’s still smiling, no less focused about his stare. “It’s not every day a woman laughs in my face, but I like your laugh.”
I straighten up and curl my arms tighter around myself, still wrapped in my nice warm cardigan, which also feels like a protective barrier. Though I still want to giggle at my ridiculous self, I’m wondering if his complement is genuine or part of the charming process. My friends describe my laugh as loud and dirty, and I’ve never been complemented on it.
“Where do you live?” he asks.
“Where do I live?” I ask back, unable to stop my eyebrows reaching for my hairline. That’s a bit forward, did I hear him correctly?
“Yes.” He looks me straight in the eyes. This guy is unbelievable, he’s serious.
I swallow hard with my now tight throat. “Um, the corner of Sutter and ...” Am I really giving up this information? “Franklyn.”
“That’s good. Do you know the Purple Cafe, on Bush Street?”
I nod. I haven’t been in there, but I’ve passed it a couple of times. Maybe I should’ve said no.
“Meet me there for breakfast tomorrow morning. I start work around nine, let’s be there for seven, outside. Think of it as your chance to decide for yourself.”
I’m speechless, again.
Dane turns around and walks away. “See you tomorrow, Brooklyn.”
Standing astonished, all I can do is watch his departure. In motion, he’s even more fascinating. He strides away with a feline grace, that air of command remaining.
I feel a weird temptation to follow him.
What the fuck just happened?

Author Bio:

Louise J has always been a daydreamer, but never considered writing a novel until days before typing the first words to If Only. Joe and Callie (and Gerard) appeared in a dream and her mind has never been her own since then, and she’s never alone. When she’s not writing she spends a lot of time missing out on huge chunks of conversation, movies, and TV shows thanks to many wonderful, but highly invasive characters bouncing around in her head, showing her their stories. In the name of research, those fabulous characters have led her to parts of the world she never would have dreamed of, and, as a result, has gained some of the most amazing memories. The rest of the time Louise J is trying to be a good wife to the greatest husband she could ever have asked for.
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Release Day Event: HER by Carey Heywood

Her Release Day Event


You know her side of the story, now learn his.

"It was useless. I felt branded beneath my skin by a girl who left without even saying goodbye."

When Will Price was assigned a partner for a sixth grade class project he had no idea she would become his best friend. After years of friendship, she eventually became so much more. Then, one day she left with no explanation.

Will’s life shattered right before his eyes and he was left alone to pick up the pieces. Floundering, Will must figure out a way to carry on, to find a way to exist without her.

Seven years later, a chance encounter leaves him desperate to get her back. He has one week to make her his again. Not everyone gets a second chance with the love of their life and Will is determined to never lose her again.

Meet the Author:

updated carey heywood picNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. I make up stuff and write it down. Here are some things that make up who I am, in no particular order; Books, Swedish Fish, Rivers, Kids (I have some), Husband (I have 1), Dog, Wuss, Reader, Elephants, Mermaid Shows, Belgian Chocolate, Plastic Rings, Fizzy Water, Abs (I don't have them...well yes, I have them but they're nothing to look at I meant Abs that I like to look at), Twitter (@careylolo), Making up Words, Chair Dancing, Old Movies, Cartoons, Belgian Waffles, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, People, Kayaks, Screen Porches, Laughing, Colored Paperclips, Junky Green Laptop, Golden Rule, Falling in Love, Jumping in Puddles, Spellcheck, Windy Days.

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Her BN Kobo

Him ebook AM


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]
Book Title: HER
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2013
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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Break My Fall by J.T. Cameron

Title – Break My Fall (book 1 in the No Limits Series)
Author – J.T. Cameron
Genre – New Adult, Contemporary Romance 


When Leah’s ex-boyfriend Kevin betrays her in a horrifically public way, she leaves town to spend her last summer of college in a place where no one knows who she is or what happened to her. 

All she wants is a little peace of mind and some good surfing so she can regroup before returning for her senior year. 


After his own tragedy a few years ago, Drew developed an entirely new and unique outlook on life and became a risk-taker, daring and dangerous, everything Leah wanted to avoid. 

But a bizarre encounter forces her to let Drew into her life, little by little, secret by secret. He’s smart, funny, persistent, and makes money in a rather unconventional way. 


They share a mutual fascination and attraction, until her past with Kevin complicates her present with Drew, making Leah question her future. 

Just as her life seems to be spinning out of control, Leah learns that sometimes you save someone by letting them save you.

(BREAK MY FALL, the first book in the No Limits series, is a complete, full-length novel that can also be read as a stand-alone.)

Buy Links:


He picked up his hat and held it over the empty plate, wringing it out. There wasn’t very much water in it, just enough to make a little puddle on the plate. He put the hat on, pulled it down just enough to where I could still see his eyes. He finally answered, and it wasn’t what I expected at all.
“You’re the first girl I’ve ever seen surfing around here. I mean really surfing, not just messing around. That interested me. That’s why I talked to you those times. Because you were different. Like me. You’re a risk-taker, but something’s holding you back. Something happened to you. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you mostly keep to yourself. That’s why you have those walls up.”
I felt my eyes narrowing in anger. I didn’t like this at all. Everything he was saying was true. And it pissed me off. I slid off the seat and stood. “I have to go.”
I started walking toward the door and I had just picked up my surfboard when he said, “Leah, wait. I’m sorry.”
I turned around.
He got up and moved toward me. “It’s raining like crazy, it’s still windy. At least let me drive you home.”
I looked out the window and saw that it was still quite blustery. Walking home with this surfboard wouldn’t have been much fun. And it was only a short distance, which meant I wouldn’t have to put up with him for long. I pushed the door open and started to walk out. “Okay. But stop psychoanalyzing me.”

He held the door open for me. “Done.”


Keane - Everybody's Changing
Avila - All Shook Up
Martin Solveig - The Night Out
Charlene Soraia - Wherever You Will Go
Brandi Carlile - The Story
Ryan Adams – Wonderwall
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
Madilyn Bailey – Titanium
Lissie - Go Your Own Way
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

Author Bio:

J.T. Cameron is an author and major peanut butter addict. BREAK MY FALL, a New Adult contemporary romance, is available now. J.T. lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and when not writing, spends a lot of time reading, watching movies, cooking, and enjoying a night out on the town that hopefully doesn't involve interacting with the police.

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Author Spotlight: Zoey Foster ~ Her Love Ran Crimson

Teaser & Book Trailer

Maddie has been through more tragedy than most people would ever see in their life. She has given up on living, and only living to breathe. With nobody on her side, she has been marked as the cause of her mother’s death and lives with this guilt every day. She is close to giving up until she sets her eyes on the one person who doesn’t look at her with disgust.
Jase is the new guy in school, he was transferred to a new school after moving out of his father’s house into his mothers. But Jase knows about Maddie and knows about her past. He thinks he can keep this a secret. When the truth comes out will they be able to survive their worlds being turned upside down? Will their connection be strong enough to make it through?





Author Bio

Zoey Foster lives in Southern California with her Husband and 3 Sons. When she is not writing, you can find her on Swoon Worthy Books posting updates on books and Authors, and let’s not forget about the Man-candy and just having a bunch of fun. She is taking her passion for books and making it her reality in writing her debut novel Her Love Ran Crimson. She loves interacting with others talking about great Books and Book Boyfriends. You can find her at the links below always encouraging people to have a fun time and live in the moment. She has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and has inappropriate fun when she is having her wine at night tweeting her thoughts. She also likes to make up words. The best word to describe her is Winetastic!
Twitter: @AuthorZoeyF
Goodreads Book Link:

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Blog Tour: Shattered and Shaken by J.Bailes

Shattered and Shaken (Shaken, #1)
by J. Bailes

18+ Mature Audience Only


Allie Anderson has encountered more heartache than any one person deserves. She’s lost her father to cancer, her brother to war, and the love of her life –Wyatt – took her most prized possession and vanished without a trace. She’s left crushed and heart-broken.

Blake, Allie’s best friend, is everything she needs; he’d give her the moon if she asked for it, but there’s one problem – he wants Allie entirely. How can Allie give herself to anyone when she’s not sure there’s enough left of her heart to give away?

Allie’s life begins to fall into place. Her heart begins to heal. Being happy is no longer a foreign emotion. That is until the man who broke her years ago returns, shattering her fragile heart all over again.

Allie soon discovers that hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will never be the same.

Our Review:
4 Stars

Shattered and Shaken starts off as a tear jerker and throughout the book it’s just a roller coaster of emotions. I have so many mixed feelings about this book I don’t even know where to start, I love it, I hate it, yet I still want more.

Allie is a girl with commitment issues. She feels that every man she has ever loved has left her one way or another. Allie’s father dies from cancer, Wyatt, the love of her life vanishes from one day to another and her brother is killed in the line of duty. All the loss in her life makes her insecure and she has a tendency to overact at the most insignificant moments.

Blake is the perfect book boyfriend (MINE!). He comes from a loving family and is currently on his 3rd year residency at a local hospital. He has it all figured out, the only thing missing is for Allie to open her heart and trust him enough to give herself to him. **sigh**

After years of flirting and teasing Allie finally agrees to move on and open up her heart to Blake. Life is finally starting to look up for Allie. Then Wyatt comes back into the picture. He is determined to win Allie back and starts his pursuit for her. This has Allie second guessing everything she has built up with Blake.

Next thing you know everything comes crumbling down.  As secrets are revealed and hearts get broken, feelings of betrayal leave Allie once again with a shattered heart.

J. Bailes has left me in total shock.  I was so engrossed in the book that I didn't notice it was almost ending. I literally screamed when I read the words “To Be Continued….” Why??? I need more like now!!! I am anxiously waiting for the next installment in Shaken Series. J. Bailes I am totally hooked!  #TeamBlake


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Born and raised in Nashville, TN. A mother of three, wife to one, and nursing student turned writer. Loves all things pink, glittery, and chocolate.


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