Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review: If Only (Captured Series#1) By Louise J

Title – If Only (Captured, #1)
Author – Louise J
Genre – Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date – December 16, 2012

What’s a girl to do when she meets a man who claims the heart that she’s already given to someone else? My boyfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted, he’s perfect, but when I met Joe ... I can’t even describe the intensity of my attraction to him. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Since then, it’s become something so much deeper and I’m finding it impossible to ignore what I feel for him. I know I’m already with the man I should be with, yet I want Joe. I can’t seem to get my head and my heart to agree on this. I’m not about to cheat and I won’t just drop the man I love. But what do I do about Joe?

Tattoos, bikes and women – that’s been my life for the last two years and it suited me just fine. Until the day I swerved to avoid a raggedy old VW Bug heading my way, hit the sidewalk, and ended up sprawled on my back. I came around to a pounding headache and the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t know if it was the effect she had on me, or the accident, but I somehow managed to let her go without exchanging information, more importantly numbers. Maybe it would’ve been better if things had stayed that way. Maybe then I wouldn’t be caught up in this dilemma. I should do what most guys would do and pursue her, regardless of her being in a relationship. Trust me, it’s tempting. The problem is, I’ve been on the receiving end of a situation similar to this, so I know the hurt I could cause and I don’t think I can do that. But I want Callie. I want her bad.

When Callie and Joe met, neither were prepared for the sequence of events that would follow, or the impact of the choices they would go on to make. 

If only is book one in the Captured series. Adult Contemporary Romance. This series is not intended for those below 18 years old due to graphic sexual content and use of language.


Our Review:

If you are looking for a book that will completely captivate your attention this is definitely it.
If Only takes us into the lives of Joe and Callie and allows us to see both of their points of view on the events that unfold after their very surprising first encounter.

Callie a young, creative, expressive and beautiful girl has everything going for her including the guy of her dreams at her side but when fate causes her to collide with a tall handsome man with the most alluring eyes she has ever seen her world completely changed.

Joe is charming, smart, talented and HOT and he knows it. He has chosen to live it up, enjoy and take full advantage of the attention he gets from women. Everything changes for him when his path crosses with the most captivating woman he has ever seen, his very own angel.

If Only will have you at the edge of your seat waiting for more. You will become invested emotionally in the events that unfold. To the point where you will find yourself frustrated with some of the decisions Callie and Joe make throughout the book. Love, anger, lust, disappointment If Only has it all!!!


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