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Blog Tour: Progress Series by Amy Queau

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Progress Series

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818sHNLGQBL._SL1500_He is exactly what she needs. But how far into his mind is she willing to go?

Jesse has a curious attraction to Charlene, a hostess at the restaurant where he works. Outwardly he’s rude, awkward and unapproachable. But his sudden bursts of charm are inescapable. A devastating childhood filled with physical and emotional abuse have left him complex and frigid.

Charlene, an innocent, is quickly mystified. Her craving for him generates an infatuation and a purpose. Losing weight and gaining confidence, she begins taking more risks. She defies her past, damaged and tender, in order to move ahead.

"Progress" is a realistic tale of two friends who both have similar issues that make them hesitant to get close to anyone. Jesse's demons have manifested into an emotional detachment, and Charlene's, a physical one.

If nobody makes the first move then nobody gets hurt.

Their journeys take them down parallel paths which leave them just as emotionally unmatched and conflicted as the day they met.


81mih+k6DzL._SL1500_After the emotional turmoil that was ‘Jesse’ subsides, Charlie manages to find peace with her decision to leave him, despite her conscience telling her otherwise. Saying goodbye to the drama proves to be an easier task than she anticipated.

And although Charlie’s life continues to test her strength, her will, and her motivation to pick herself up and dust herself off, she carves a new path. Making positive changes in her life, she gets a new job, a new apartment, and a new guy; everything is nearly perfect. Nearly.

Hundreds of miles away, Jesse isn’t faring too well in their aftermath. But within his darkness, he finds a purpose and reconstructs himself with one goal in mind:

He needs to find his Charlie.

Interrupted is the second book in The Progress Series.


new goodreads rewired cover“Because if it weren’t for Jesse, I would have never been the girl you fell in love with.” -Charlie

Impasse: def. noun. 1. a situation in which no progress seems possible. 2. a difficult or puzzling situation from which there is no easy escape.

Charlie is about to find out how far into Jesse’s tormented past she needs to travel when she hops into his car, leaving the man she loves alone and searching for answers.
But Samuel’s a fighter. He’s not about to give up without an explanation. And he’s soon to discover events in Charlie’s past that offer reasons to her recent behavior. But will it be enough for him to want her back?
Unable to forgive herself for what she’s done to Samuel - and her crumbling future without him - Charlie’s solution is simple: Help Jesse open his mind and his heart, allowing him to trust someone for the first time in his life.

Rewired is the third and final book in The Progress Series.

Warning: This book contains sensitive material (including sexually explicit content, acts of graphic violence, language, and triggers) and may not be appropriate for all readers.

After slamming the front door, Charlie stood, lightly shaking her keys in her 

hand. With her frustration at its peak, she seethed, unable to control the twitch from 

the corner of her mouth.


Don’t do it, Charlie. Not tonight. I’m in no mood for a lecture.

“You’re a FUCKING coward!” she shouted.


She threw her purse across the room, its contents splashing against the wall 

and bouncing to the floor. Jesse remained with his hands in his pockets and his body 

motionless, with the exception of a small eye twitch.

Her tone fierce, she continued, “You fight. You fuck. You run. And you’re 

gonna fucking drown! Welcome to rock-fucking-bottom, Jess.”

“Oh wake up, Charlie! Take a good fucking look!” he shouted, pointing to his 

face. “This has always been and will always be rock bottom. It doesn’t get much more 

desperate than this.”

“Then why don’t you do something about it! Be a man for once in your life, 

and take responsibility for who you are and who you’ll become. What the hell are 

you waiting for? You think this is going to get any easier?” she continued screaming, 

emptying her lungs. She took a deep breath before continuing, “Goddamn it! You’re 


Grabbing her arm and jerking her forward, he stopped her just as she was 

about to crash into his chest. His mouth, now devouring hers, removed the fury, the 

tension, and the rampage. Their lips were engaged in a fiery entanglement

and Jesse began tasting the blood from the cut on his lip again. But it wasn’t enough 

to stop him.

Nothing would be enough to stop him now.

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About the Author

I am a mother and wife, first and foremost. I decided to hit the computer and write Progress because I had a very personal story to tell. I do hope you enjoy it.
I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN with my husband, two children; Junior and Evie, and my dog, Saba Lou.
I enjoy writing, drawing, crosswords, games, reading and of course, spending time with my beautiful family.

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