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Blog Tour + Review/Giveaway: Beautiful Broken Mess by Kimberly Lauren

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Jace Riley’s close connection with his identical twin brother, Jaxon, is put to the test when he tries to choose between keeping his promises and following his heart. Is this girl that still haunts his dreams, even after four years, really worth it? Jace can’t help but wonder if he made a huge mistake all that time ago when he let her walk into someone else’s arms, especially since that someone was his twin.
Audrey Mills often wonders at what point she should throw her hands up in defeat and allow all of the horrible circumstances of her life to overtake her. Despite the demons she has faced, however, something inside her won’t give in. When she leaves her small town in Texas to attend college in California, Audrey runs into the one guy who could make her or break her. But is the past they share too painful for them to overcome?
This is the second book in the broken series. While each book can stand on its own, it's recommended you read Beautiful Broken Rules before Beautiful Broken Mess.
New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance - recommended for ages 18 and up.

Our Review:
5 Stars

I love this series!!! Kimberly Lauren has outdone herself once again, I was not able to put the book down until I finished. The best part is that it is written in Jace and Audrey’s POV. I never expected Jace to be a bit controlling and Alpha-Male.  I loved Jace since the first book and now I am claiming him as Mine!!!
Although I didn’t like Audrey in the first book, this one just proves that there is always 2 truths to one story and not everything is as it seems. She was raised by abusive parents that didn’t want her since birth. But she is a survivor, no matter how hard they try to break her she finds a way to pull thru.
Audrey meets Jace by accident; literally, he slams into her making her drop all her groceries. Once she goes down from her state of panic she finally notices Jace. He is sweet, attentive and a total gentleman, that is until their first kiss. Jace is determined to see her again, and sooner rather than later. He invites her to Cole’s party for later that evening. This is where it all goes to shreds before it even starts.
 A few years later Audrey and her guy best friend Lane, get accepted into a highly prestigious graduate program. It just happens to be the same one as Jace and Jaxon attend and she is determined to stay away from them. She applies for a few jobs and gets a call back from a bar that Emerson is working at. This is where their new friendship begins and some misunderstandings are clarified. With Emerson’s help she is finally able to come clean with Jaxon about how their relationship ended.
Regardless of what happened with Audrey years ago Jace and Audrey still want each other. Jace tries to fight it but he is only human and he caves in. He is not ready to tell Jaxon just yet so he keeps Audrey as his dirty little secret. All this hiding comes to a halt after an accident occurs and Jace lashes out on Audrey. It takes him a while to realize his mistake and he might just have lost the love of his life.
This book is an awesome read; I was enthralled since the first paragraph. I could feel the love and the angst throughout Jace and Audrey’s story. Kimberly has officially become one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read what she has in store for us with Lane’s story. 

Meet the Author:

I'm a wanderer, an adventurer, a traveler.

I want to see it all. I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list.

"She travels the world & home is always in her heart."

Lately if I'm not traveling or chasing a toddler, I'm writing. Which is weird because I hated writing in college. Oh wait, that's because that was boring. Who really wants to sit there and cite all your sources into APA format? Not this girl. Writing for yourself is enjoyable and cathartic. Please try it. Then tell me about because I love indie authors.

When I was 19, I packed up and followed my high school sweetheart from Texas to California. We had a blast living it up in San Diego. Four years later we made a crazy decision and packed up again and moved to Germany. What? Yep, you read that right. Guess what? Best decision ever! We OWNED Europe. For three years we saw as much as we possibly could. We lived an hour outside of France, a couple from Switzerland and Italy. Most amazing time of my life. Please go out there and see the world, you won't regret it. After Europe we moved back to California, and for now we're just debating our next adventure.

I earned a degree in Child Development. And now I write novels. Makes perfect sense! I write because I walk around all day with these stories in my head. It's nice to be able to get them out of my head in an organized fashion. I hope that someone out there enjoys them, because I have enjoyed so many others'.

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