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Blog Tour + Review/Giveaway: Yearning Absolution by Rachael Orman

Gwen has finally landed her first fashion design job, working under her amazing boyfriend, Cole. While her girlfriend, McKayla, is busy with her modeling job, things start to shift in their unique relationship.

Unexpected surprises cause a whirlwind of change to sweep through their once happy lives.

As the people around her change, so do their relationships… When all is said and done sometimes only heartbreak is left.

Just when Gwen thought life was good, she is thrust into one catastrophe after another.

Will Gwen’s life be able to withstand even more turmoil, tears and blood?

Can she fulfill the dreams she has held onto for so long, while accepting new dreams that she never knew she had? Or will everything come crashing down on her?

Our Review:
4 Stars

I really enjoyed this series! I recommend reading Yearning Devotion, which is the first book in this series, before reading Yearning Absolution. 

This book starts off right were Yearning Devotion ended. In order to protect Gwen, Cole asked for her and McKayla to move in with him. He is determined to protect her as best as he can. Even though they are living together Cole is adamant to keep his three date rule before they take their relationship any further. That doesn’t stop him from joining in the fun a few times.

Gwen is now working as a new designer, under Cole’s company, and due to their busy schedules they are hardly ever home. Gwen is not able to spend as much time with McKayla as before, leaving McKayla feeling left out. No matter how much Gwen tries to make her happy McKayla is still jealous of Cole, which eventually leads to their breakup.

Then Cole and Gwen get the best news a couple could hope for. It doesn’t fill the void that McKayla has left but it definitely helps make it better. Cole being the best boyfriend ever helps her get in touch with McKayla with the hope of reuniting their trio. But nothing goes as planned and it only leaves Gwen vulnerable to other threats.

As this story progressed it just got worst, hearts were broken and losses were inevitable. I most definitely love the ending. Compromises were made between the trio in order to obtain their happily ever after. Not that I can blame McKayla for her part, what a perfect sacrifice on her behalf.

This book is an emotional roller-coaster, as was the first book in this series. It kept me at the edge of my seat. Cole was a sweetheart since the first book and he only got better with time. He has reached Our Fictional Boyfriend status!

Meet The Author:
Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering heat outside. She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was to write.

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