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Blog Tour + Review: Thorneless by Mia Michelle


I hate him..I love him..I hate that I still love him but I do. My parents, my life, my happiness, my heart….he has officially taken all of them from me now. Yes, I am the wilting dying Rose that once belonged to Sebastian Thorne. He had given me back my life, but little did I know he was the very one who had taken it all away from me from the start. I hate him…I love him. 

I never expected Lucas Drake to walk back in my life when I was at my lowest and darkest point. He promises that he will help me heal this pain, but in order to do that he says I need to get away from this town. Maybe he is right. There is nothing here for me anymore but painful memories…and Sebastian. Maybe the only way for this Rose to survive is to do the one impossible thing. I Skylar Rose… must become Thorneless.

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5 stars
No no no no noooo!!! The words going through my mind as I finished reading this book! The wait seemed endless and Thorneless did not disappoint.

We are reunited with Skylar as she deals with her heartbreak. She is completely an utterly broken because of the secret Sebastian kept from her the problem is that no matter how much she feels she hates him for what he has done she can't help but love him and who can honestly blame her? How can anyone not love Sebastian Thorne? Well there's one person who finds it very easy to not love him and that is Lucas Drake.

Lucas very conveniently comes back into the picture while Skylar is broken hearted and plays the true friend card in order to sweep Skylar away around the world under the role of his new assistant. For months he and Skylar travel the world all the while Lucas uses his charm to get closer to Skylar.

While Skylar is off with Lucas getting closer and closer to him our poor Sebastian is completely broken. He spends as much time away from home as possible and isolates himself with the exception of his business dealings. His heart just doesn't know how to go on without Skylar.
No matter how close Skylar gets to Lucas or how broken Sebastian is their love remains in tact. The intensity of said love and their passion for one another has not diminished in the slightest and as always their draw to each other is inescapable.

After a few unforeseen events Skylar does the unthinkable and completely shatters what is left of Sebastian's heart leading to an event that had me in TEARS!! The heartbreak, confusion, empathy, anger, and quite honestly terror I felt while reading this book is amazing.

These characters just completely take over and your heart is on the line just as much as Sebastian and Skylar's. As with most awesome books we are left with a horrible cliff hanger!! Mia Michelle did soften the blow a bit but not nearly enough to stop my heart from aching. Thorneless was spectacular and I can't wait for Rose In Bloom my heart needs so much more of Sebastian!

Brushing back the hair from her face, I can’t help but feel the tugging it causes in my chest. She’s my broken angel right now and I will give anything to take away all her pain.  I worry that Sebastian had shattered everything inside of her when he broke her heart.  Because of him, I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to love again.  
What had he done that’s so unforgivable? Had he cheated on her? Had he lied to her about something?  I know he would never lay on a hand on her, but if I find that to be the reason, I’ll fucking kill him.  It just pisses me off that here I am looking at the shell of what once was the most loving, beautiful soul I have ever known.  He did this to her and for that, I’ll never forgive him.  
Yes, right now my gorgeous girl is lost, but I’ll help her find herself.  She’ll learn to laugh and love again.  I just pray that when she finally does, it’s me that she’s loving in the end.   

Mia fell in love with the literary world at a very young age and began putting her active imagination to pen and paper by the age of six. Over the years, she has filled up numerous shelves with her notebooks and journals of her favorite stories. Twelve years ago, Mia began drafting The Thorne Series and through encouragement of a close friend, decided to finally take the leap of faith to bring her dream to life. She openly admits to having a hopeless infatuation with her Kindle and suffers from the one-click book addiction (No intervention required). 

Mia is currently a stay at home mom who has mastered the fine art of making a PB&J sandwich in between laundry and shuttling kids to ballet and swimming. In her spare time (“What spare time?” She laughs), she enjoys photography, traveling, and having a girls night out with her pals. She enjoys the simple things in life, such as sleeping more than 3 hours per night and 10 minute showers without being interrupted by children yelling “mommy” from the other side of the bathroom door. 

Mia Michelle resides in Tennessee with her soul mate and husband of 18 years and their 2 beautiful young children. She is currently working on her Masters in Counseling and drafting her new series. 

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