Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Review : Worth The Fight by L.D. Davis


Luke Kessler loved Emmy.
She broke his heart.
Then she revealed a life altering secret that brought them back together. 
Time and forgiveness heal old wounds and love flourishes. Luke and Emmy find themselves reaching for a happily ever after together. When their pasts begin to push into their present and hurtful mistakes are made, the couple struggle with each other and their past demons. How much is too much? Will the couple be able to fight their way to a happily ever after? Are their lives together worth the fight?

Our Review
4 Stars

Worth the fight re introduces us to Emmy and Luke and takes us into the mind of Luke as he tries to cope with life without Emmy.

After having to endure the relationship between Emmy and Kyle Luke decided to do what was best for him, leave it all behind and move to Chicago. The pain he had gone through still haunted him and try as he might he couldn't forget the woman who had completely broken him. Just as he is starting to move on he receives a letter from said heart breaking woman that changes his life forever.

Worth the fight allows us a glimpse of how Luke felt and how he saw some of the events throughout his relationship with Emmy. We get to see his love, anger, pain and his struggle to deal with having Emmy back in his life in a way he never dreamed would happen.

Luke takes us though his and Emmy's battle to not only to fix the damage they each had inside them but to have a healthy relationship with each other for the sake of a person they both love more than life itself. A task not so easily accomplished when faced with obstacles from the past and new unexpected road blocks.

Their love tested time and time again, we get to see just how much Luke and Emmy have gone and continue to go through for the sake of being together and we really get to see if everything they experienced was "Worth the Fight". Fans of Luke and Emmy definitely won't be disappointed in the final installment of this series.

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